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1-butanol for UV, IR, HPLC



Content (G.C.): 99.9%
Density 20/4: 0.808-0.810
Maximum impurity limit
APHA color: 10
Acidity: 0.0002 meq/g
Alkalinity: 0.0002 meq/g
Non-volatile matter: 0.0003 %
Water (H2O): 0.03%
Suitability for IR spectrometry:: passes the test
UV spectrum (1cm cell; Ref.: water):
Transmittance at 207 (cutoff) nm: ≥10%
Transmittance at 210 nm: ≥25%
Transmittance at 220 nm: ≥50%
Transmittance at 230 nm: ≥75%
Transmittance at 240 nm: ≥85%
Transmittance at 250 nm: ≥94%
Transmittance at 270-450 nm: ≥98%
Data of interest for HPLC:
P' + 0.25 E: 8.3
Rohrschneider Polarity: 3.9
Eluotropic value E° (Al2O3): 0.7
Sol. H2O in solution. at 20°C: 20.1
For critical tasks, purge with nitrogen.
Microfiltered product (0.2 μm) and bottled under nitrogen atmosphere.



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